smart contract audit

What is a smart contract audit

From the popularity of various types of crypto-economy activities on the blockchain, a need has arisen for the audit and control of these web platforms, to verify by third parties the ideal logical operation of their platforms, and to inspire confidence in the every project team, a community of gamers, artists and virtual investors.

Thus, the transparency and authenticity of transactions on the blockchain are affected, which are also the main most representative characteristics of smart contracts, which are the basis of user trust, which has made it possible to create smart contracts secure environment for crypto and tokenization.

The token audit process is becoming an important aspect of verifying the effectiveness of a project, and the choice of an auditing company is an aspect to consider when investing in a new token-based project.

Smart Contract Security Audit

Decentralized applications, whether DeFi, blockchain projects, or smart contracts, due to their decentralized nature and the absence of a regulatory party, have disadvantages that allow them to freeze part of the funds of users or developers inside the blockchain without the possibility of recovery.

In the case of smart contract audit process and blockchain applications, such a central regulator does not exist. Therefore, the contract published in the blockchain network starts to work independently. Consequently, it is extremely important to know that the contract code is error-free and will not allow your funds to disappear without a trace. This is what is checked during the audit. In addition, the contract’s creators may not be honest in its design by adding an action code that will allow them to steal users’ funds outside the algorithm.

Smart Contract Security Audits – Blockchain

Audit smart contracts of blockchain-based protocols ensure users’ security on the project’s suitability for investment as an optimal, safe, and adequate investment. As a rule, after the audit, its results are published on the Internet so that the reliability of the project and external auditors can be verified.

Among the benefits of hiring an audit service in addition to your own smart contract project:

  • Subject matter experts approve the safety and reliability of our project in the field with public recognition for this purpose;
  • To determine if there are any errors in the underlying code and if it is safe for users to transfer their funds to it;
  • Confirm your wallet address verification and avoid typographical errors;
  • To detect any errors at an early stage that may exist at the blockchain security level.

Pros and Cons of Smart Contract Auditing Process

Like any other process, smart contract auditing has its pros and cons.


  • Smart contract implementation is more secure and efficient than traditional contracts.
  • Smart contract audits can help reduce or eliminate the need for costly legal disputes.
  • Auditors use advanced technology to evaluate contracts for security vulnerabilities.


  • Auditing smart contracts is an important but time-consuming process that can lead to transaction delays.
  • Not all firms offer a wide range of services, so it’s important to do your research before choosing one.


Smart contract auditing is a key process to ensure the security and effectiveness of your blockchain system. This is essential for companies looking to cut costs and speed up operations. Individuals and other organizations can also benefit from smart contract audits. When looking for a firm to audit, consider the opportunities they offer. These include experience, knowledge, and technology.


What problems does the audit find?

An audit helps to find critical and more common code errors in smart contracts. For example, problems with integer arithmetic, vulnerabilities in missing parameter blocks, security issues, potential front-running, and many logical flaws in smart contract code.

What is a smart contract audit?

A smart contract audit is a process that includes an analysis of the specification and accompanying documentation, which explains the principle of the project architecture, testing and searching for major bugs, and automated analysis using special software.

Which smart contract audit companies are leading?

Leading firms that provide smart contract audit services, the best smart contract auditing firms: Hacken, Quantstamp, ConsenSys Diligence, and Chainsulting.

Why do you need smart contract auditors?

Such an audit is necessary to detect errors in the system, protect platforms and their users, determine if there are any errors in the code, and look for security vulnerabilities.